Riot gifts League of Legends: Wild Rift players 10 free Wild Pass levels

These rewards are the result of community feedback.

Image via Riot Games

Wild Rift players have been gifted a helping hand to complete this season’s Wild Pass after community feedback suggested that reaching the final bonus levels was too difficult for those without the Elite pass.

Riot announced that players who own the premium battle pass will be receiving 10 free levels to help them finish off the battle pass.

These levels will be distributed through the in-game mail system and can be redeemed once opened. With almost a month left for players to complete the Wild Pass, these ten levels should come in handy to help them reach the end before time is up.

The regular premium Wild Pass has plenty of premium rewards to earn for just 590 Wild Cores, while the Elite version also provided players with a five-level boost and access to elite missions which can be used to unlock rewards faster for 990 Wild Cores.

With Wild Pass Two coming to its conclusion early next month, it remains to be seen what optimizations will be made before the third Wild Pass is made available. However, it’s likely some adjustments will be made given the community’s feedback.

While the Wild Pass is in its final stretch, Wild Rift’s ranked season three recently launched on July 27 and will run until sometime in the later months of the year, likely late October.