Tanks aren’t the only champions benefiting from Riot’s midseason changes

The tank update is beginning to take shape

Riot just revealed a ton of details about the mid season, and the biggest takeaway is that plenty more champions than just tanks are benefiting from all the changes.

In a recent dev post David “Repertior” Capurro, one of Riot’s game designers, discussed the current vision for the League of Legends midseason and the overall goals for the long-awaited patch

For starters, Riot is planning to give a small amount of magic resist to every champion in League of Legends that doesn’t have any.

With this change, champions like Syndra will be unable to use their crazy burst damage on a squishy target to full effect. It also places ADCs in a better position to survive early-game gank pressure from a midlane AP opponent.

Riot has reiterated that the main focus of the midseason is the tank update. The items being bought into this update aren’t just for tank champions, however.

These new tank/defensive items will look to alleviate common threats that tanks need to deal with, such as an item that “doubles its Armor/MR when around enemy champions,” according to the post. This is a perfect item for champions that are going to be constantly in team fights, but not for champions who will be split pushing at regular intervals in the game.

Older items will also be seeing some changes across the board. The goal is to make them more effective for their original purposes.

Riot gives “Dead Man’s Plate” as an example of such a change. Riot plans to make the item deal no bonus damage until it reaches max stacks. To balance this change, Riot will have the item power up quickly in order to it perform better for its main purposes.

These changes will be implemented in the coming weeks in the PBE, Riot said in the dev post. They’ll all be subject to change dependent on how effective they turn out before Riot ships them in the midseason.