Riot removed the aura from Aegis of the Legion, and a lot of champions are suffering for it

The plan is to add more MR to each champion to make up for the squishiness.

Since the Aegis of the Legion was gutted in November’s Patch 6.22, assassin and marksman champions have been much easier to kill. Late last week, Riot finally revealed it’s planning to add Magic Resist (MR) per level to squishy champions to help out—but didn’t give a specific timeline.

So what was the Aegis change, and why did it hit the meta of League of Legends so hard?

The item used to grant 10 MR passively to all allies near the wielder. It was a small amount of MR, sure, but because of the efficiency of the item, it was built in nearly every game by a support or a tank. It was rare to play a game where someone didn’t build it, and because of this, squishier champions began to rely on that small amount of MR to provide them a bit of resistance to magic assassins.

Not having that small MR buffer has created a bit of a nightmare for squishy champions. The obvious fear was that magic-based assassins would be able to blow up their targets much more reliably, but another, more unexpected problem arose as well. Tanks whose abilities deal magic damage became a much larger threat when the middle and late stages of the game arrived.

When that aura was removed from the Aegis, the game became much more difficult for those squishy champions. Not only did they have to deal with evading abilities from assassins, but they now had to watch out for tanks, even those with no crowd control. In some cases, finding that the tank out-damages them.

Well, Riot is looking to help a bit with the addition of MR per level to some champions. We don’t know specifically which champions are being considered for this change, nor do we know the amount of MR per level being added, but just the thought is a step in the right direction. The change should ship with the mid season update according to a dev post in the official forums, which should be in a couple of months.