Rift Herald Changes Incoming

In the "State of the Game" post, Riot goes on to talk about future plans for the Rift Herald.

Image via Psyonix

How many people actually attempt to take Rift Herald in the early game? Sure, he has an interesting buff, but he hasn’t been a priority target in the first 20 minutes; he’s just in the game, and Riot seems to agree with that notion.

In the “State of the Game” post, which can be read here, Riot goes on to talk about future plans for the Rift Herald.

“Rift Herald just isn’t generating enough sufficiently interesting or appreciated play to justify its presence,” Riot’s post read. “We do like the value a one-time spawn puts on it; the reward at least isn’t making it a priority in the majority of games. Sometime this year (mid-season or pre-season, not sure which yet), we’ll be looking to either fix it, replace it or remove it as a result.”

The most likely thing that will happen by the looks of it will be the removal of the Herald, but let’s hope to see some interesting changes come in the future that will make him a priority in the early game. It would be really interesting to see the Rift Herald become an objective that can change the tide of the battle, rather than just a second thought.

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