Report: New Switch Model to support 4K and new slate of games for 2021

It's set to be an exciting year.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo is reportedly ready to release an improved model of the Switch console and a new bill of games in 2021, according to “people familiar with the matter.”

The information was first reported by Takashi Mochizuki, a tech reporter for Bloomberg. With Sony and Microsoft set to duel over their new console generation release this holiday season, Nintendo is apparently content to redouble its efforts next year instead.

Nintendo hasn’t established what exactly it’ll improve with its popular home console, though it could include the usual slate of upgrades like computing power and added support for 4K resolutions.

A previous report via VideoGamesChronicle for the upcoming model said it could feature greater “interactivity” and an enhanced display.

Bloomberg’s report about the new Switch model also said “a slew of games” from Nintendo and third-party studios will serve as an additional incentive for consumers. The target audience will “address a wide range of players” and also sheds light on why Nintendo has had a relative lack of software releases in 2020.

Even without any contemporary upgrades, the current version of the Switch continues to sell like hotcakes. The console has now overtaken the legendary NES in lifetime sales, thanks in large part to Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s resounding success. The social simulation game has become the second best-selling game of all time on the platform.