launches Call of Duty: Warzone tournaments with $15,000 in cash prizes for November now has Call of Duty: Warzone tournaments available to enter for free.

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The community asked and is delivering free to enter Call of Duty: Warzone tournaments for PC and console users on the platform starting now. will be giving out more than $15,000 in those free tournaments, which will be co-hosted by pro-CoD commentators Joey “MerK” Deluca and Clint “Maven” Evans. 

The event will work with the platform to track player’s stats, survival time, and more to help determine the winners in each event. This method is being used because different game modes have different player numbers (100 players in solos, 150 players in Duos/Trios, etc.)

Every second you are playing in a round you will gain 0.004 points and 0.06 points per one point of damage. And for every kill you get, that is an additional 20 points, so you can’t just play passively and hope to win it all. 

For anyone new to the platform, here is how you can get ready to compete. 

Connecting Your CoD Game ID

  1. Go to a tournament page on by clicking the enter button and then click “Add Game ID To Enter” or click the drop down arrow by your profile picture, click “My Account”, and click “Add New” at the bottom
  2. Click Call of Duty Warzone
  3. Login to your account and click “allow” on the following screen
  4. Your Game ID should be successfully added.

Make Your Stats Publicly Available

You need to make you stats publicly available so can accurately track your stats and progress for each tournament you enter. 

  • Log into your Call of Duty profile
  • Link your account, your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account to your CoD profile.
  • Change the following drop downs under your linked account
    • Searchable: All
    • Data Visible: All

How To Enter CoD: Warzone Tournaments

Once you have connected your CoD account to your account, you can enter any of the open beta tournaments. Simply go to the tournament page and find any Warzone tournament that isn’t full and sign up.

Free tournaments will always be available with various prizing, but there will also be events with large coin payouts, which can be redeemed in the marketplace for CoD points, gift cards and other prizes. If you are 18-years-or-older you can also play in cash-entry tournaments that have cash prizes. 

Along with Warzone tournaments finally coming to the platform, is also partnering with shopping extension Honey to host a $5,000 tournament. All you have to do to enter is install the Honey extension on Chrome. 

If you want to enter, you can head over to’s Warzone tournament page and find a mixture of free and paid tournaments with varying prize pools.