Rengar, Kha’Zix bring Masters of the Hunt event to Wild Rift

Choose a side to fight alongside with and get a lot of exciting rewards.

Image via Riot Games

Rengar and Kha’Zix have arrived into League of Legends: Wild Rift along with a new event. The Masters of the Hunt event makes players choose a side between the two champions and settle the old rivalry between them.

The event began on May 6 and will end on May 18. Finally, it will wrap up on May 25, so players must collect all their rewards before this.

On opening the event page in Wild Rift, you will have to choose a side: Rengar or Kha’Zix. The side you choose will decide the rewards you earn as they both have different ones.

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To decide the winning side, all supporters of a particular side have to contribute. In the first week, Riot will be tracking the average number of games played by each player and updating the scores daily. In the second week, the developer will track the average number of takedowns to decide the winning side. These scores will be on a per-region basis.

If Team Rengar wins the event, all players who supported the champion will get the King of the Rift Icon.

Image via Riot Games

Team Kha’Zix supporters, on the other hand, will get the Apex Predator Icon for winning.

Image via Riot Games

Players who are on the winning side will also be able to show-off their champion’s spawn tag for a week after the event ends. The team that places second will get a Boost Bundle containing one of each kind of boost as a consolation prize.

Besides this, the event also gives players missions that can be completed to get rewards. These missions and rewards are individual and don’t depend on the performance of your team. You can find these missions and rewards in the event page of Wild Rift or through Riot’s player support website here.