Recently partnered Rocket League streamer receives host from the game’s official Twitch channel

She received partnership the day before.

Image via Psyonix

Recently partnered Rocket League streamer Nikkijustine received a pleasant surprise during her latest broadcast when the game’s official Twitch channel began hosting her following a tournament stream.

The host came in the middle of Nikkijustine’s first stream since receiving partnership status.

She was shocked to see an influx of over 6,000 viewers enter her stream. After the chat explained where they had come from, Nikkijustine was immediately grateful. She thanked the new viewers and the Rocket League community for tuning into her stream.

Nikkijustine had just become a Twitch partner the day prior to this stream after five months of working toward this milestone. Just a week before, her channel boasted 5,000 followers. But since this host, her total has shot up to 6,800.

Rocket League had been streaming week five of its CRL Fall 2020 championship. With thousands of viewers tuning into the tournament, the official channel chose to host a creator who had been streaming the game when the event’s stream was wrapping up.