Realm Royale Founder’s Tournament highlights the Hi-Rez Expo at DreamHack Atlanta

A lot of focus has been placed on Realm Royale during the event.

Photo via Hi-Rez Studios
This post is in partnership with Hi-Rez.

For fans of Hi-Rez Studios’ newest game Realm Royale, there are a few big things they should be looking forward to during the Hi-Rez Expo at DreamHack Atlanta.

The biggest of this weekend’s events is the already ongoing Realm Royale Founder’s Tournament. The qualifying matches started on Friday and will run through Saturday before the grand finals take place on Sunday, Nov. 18.

This open tournament is giving all attendees a chance to queue up and try to become the Founder’s champion. There are around 80 stations being used, with players allowed to team up with friends or partner up with other people in line if they came alone.

For each day in which qualifiers are held, the top two teams from every qualifying match will earn the chance to compete in Sunday’s grand final. That means there will be 20 teams that qualify each day for a total of 40 pairs in the final.

Victors of each group will be decided at the end of the match by taking the team’s placement score and subtracting their eliminations to see who can keep the lowest total score. Placement points are equal to the position in the final team standings and each elimination will subtract an additional two points.

Those 40 teams that make the cut will then compete on the Paladins’ main stage in front of everyone in the arena and those watching on Mixer from home.

The grand finals will be five rounds in total. At the end of each round, the team with the lowest score will receive $1,000 to split between the pair and the team with the lowest score overall by the end of the fifth round will win the remaining $20,000.

Along with the tournament, there were several announcements made during the Hi-Rez Presents event from Friday.

The video mentioned that the closed beta happening on Xbox One is expanding to more players, a similar system will soon be put into place on PS4, and crossplay between PC and Xbox players will be enabled.

Fans can also claim a free loot bundle from the game’s marketplace. The Close Encounters bundle is available from now until Dec. 16 and will give PC players 100 Crowns and the Cluckomorph Chicken Skin.

You can watch everything to do with Realm Royale and this event specifically on the official Realm Royale Mixer page.