Ranked position preference now live in League of Legends: Wild Rift

The test will run for a few days.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift players were treated to the surprise introduction of Position Preference selection in ranked earlier today.

The feature that was teased in the latest Wild Rift dev diary is now available for all players in every region, outside of the Americas, to try out for themselves.

As this feature is currently being tested it will only be enabled in a custom ranked queue called the Position Lab. Players will select all five roles in order of their preference and ideally be awarded one of their most favored choices.

Previously, Wild Rift’s ranked modes had no role selection tool and this got extremely frustrating to many players who were matched with others that did not understand team compositions.

Since the announcement of this new feature it has received high praise from not only Wild Rift players but also League of Legends PC players who feel as though the feature would work great for them also.

Unfortunately for those in the Americas region, this test will not be available to participate in. According to Riot, this is because the servers are new and it does not want to split up the ranked queues too much.

It is unclear if players in this region will get an opportunity to participate in the test or if they will be forced to wait for the feature’s full release to try it out.

Currently, the test is only scheduled to run for a few days, but Riot shared it plans to roll out this feature as soon as possible afterward.