QwiKeR: ‘I’ve Got a Massive Point to Prove’

Shea "QwiKeR" Sweeney and Team 3G move on to the Winners semifinal, and if Elevate is next on the schedule, he's ready to prove to them that not picking him up was a mistake.

Shea “QwiKeR” Sweeney and Team 3G are connecting well in London, and are moving on to the Winner’s Semifinals after taking down Aware Gaming 3-0.

But first, why the heck is this team called 3G? QwiKeR has that answer.

“Online, we were getting booted off in the 2k’s,” QwiKer said. “So it was sort of as an inside joke that we have to play on 3G. Obviously if we get booted, we have to jump on 3G and jump on hotspots to get on tournaments.”

With that said, the side is still in search of an organization, but that does not mean it has not received its fair share of offers. After the second day of competitions, QwiKeR said that the offers that have come in are not good enough for the level of his team’s play, and hopes that this tournament is proving to potential orgs that his side is the real deal.

“We had offers early on,” QwiKeR said on Friday. “We had numerous organizations come forward saying ‘We want to pick you up.’ But we just felt like a lot of the offers weren’t enough for the time we were putting in. It is strange for me, but obviously with CWL, there is a lot of money being thrown into it as you can see with some of the top teams in Europe. But we felt like we are worth the same. Obviously we want to qualify for CWL and take it from there.”

Now that the team can play on LAN and not have to worry about British cell service, 3G’s play has come to form, with the team going 9-3 in the group stage and sweeping Aware in the first round of bracket play. And it may be in part to the team’s dedication to play under the circumstances they did.

“No one has had to endure the circumstances we had,” QwiKeR said. “We had to play with people getting booted offline and people dropping to one bars. I was sure that once we caught fire, we’d be a solid team. And beating Aware was a massive win for us because it brings us to the Winner’s bracket. Loser’s bracket is going to be stacked in this event, so the longer we stay in Winner’s, the chance of us doing better in this event is going to increase.”

With the Elevate/Fnatic game happening at the time of writing, QwiKeR is ready to face either team for their next match. However, he definitely would like a grudge match against Elevate at some point during this LAN or in a future one.

“I wanted to be on that team,” QwiKeR said. “I know Sean very well and played with Zach last year. I rate Watson highly and Reedy can do anything on the map. I wanted to be on that team, but it didn’t work out.”

“When they pick up someone over you,” QwiKeR continued, “you have to prove yourself. So I have a massive point to prove and in the back of their heads, they’ll be thinking like ‘If we lose to this guy, we are going to look stupid.’ So that’ll put it in our hands.”

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.

Photo Credit: Tyler Lench