PUBG streamer dodges car by jumping straight over it and eliminating the driver

This is a new level of outplay.

Image via Tencent

One PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player doesn’t need a stunt double to perform his dangerous tricks.

Twitch streamer TGLTN channeled his inner-Keanu Reeves with a jump only seen in movies like The Matrix during his broadcast yesterday. The streamer was able to dodge a car by jumping clean over it—and he also landed a kill.

While the streamer was trying to snipe an enemy from hundreds of yards out, he heard the revving of a car heading in his direction. But instead of losing his composure, TGLTN calmly cleared the vehicle with a well-timed hop and turned around to finish the driver with his M416.

TGLTN finished the match with 18 kills but went home hungry without a chicken dinner.

This isn’t the first time the streamer shocked viewers with top-tier gameplay. During his Oct. 28 broadcast, TGLTN was able to weave in and out of the driver’s seat of a car while taking out three enemies in less than 15 seconds. He racked up 19 kills and went on to win the match.

Fans can catch some more TGLTN outplays on his Twitch channel.