PUBG: New State December update is finally here

Two new vehicles, a weapon, and Survivor Pass have arrived.

Image via Krafton

The PUBG: New State December update (patch 0.9.2) has finally arrived.

Originally scheduled for Dec. 9, the update was postponed due to a delay in the app store review process. After days of waiting, Krafton announced on Dec. 14 that it will be giving out chicken medals daily as compensation for each day the update is delayed. Players can log in to PUBG: New State to claim five medals for the delay.

A lot of new features arrived in this update. This includes a new weapon, vehicles, Survivor Pass, lobby theme, and more.

L85A3 is a new assault rifle with low recoil and uses the 5.56mm ammo type. It has the highest damage of all 5.66mm type guns and will be added to both maps, Troi and Erangel.

Two new vehicles arrived with this update. One is the six-seater minibus, Electron. With six seats, you can quickly switch positions in the vehicle to avoid enemy gunfire while driving at high speeds. It will be available on Troi and the Training Ground.

A two-seater sports car is also making its way to Erangel, Troi, and the Training Ground. The Mesta has quick acceleration with a high top speed, which will allow players to quickly rotate around the map. It’s a gasoline car, so be sure to look out for enemies you may attract by driving around in it.

Players can download update 0.9.2 through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and hop into the game to enjoy the new features.