PUBG Mobile's next update will bring new game modes in a few days

The update is coming Wednesday, Dec. 11.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Corp. revealed last night that the 0.16.0 update for PUBG Mobile will be released on Dec. 11.

A cold wind will blow in the main menu of the game and new theme items are expected to come with the Winter Festival event. Approximately 0.6 GB of storage will be needed to download the 0.16.0 update on your device, both on iOS and Android. Players won’t be bothered by downtime for the update’s release, however.

Two new game modes will join the game in this update: Rage Gear TDM and Rage Gear Pickup. These six-vs-six game modes will be focused on vehicles. Players will be able to choose from three of them and will have infinite ammo.

The new version of the map Erangel won’t be released with this update, but it’ll come later—as soon as the team has finished working on it.

The other changes and new features coming in PUBG Mobile’s 0.16.0 update haven’t been announced yet.