PUBG Mobile will be playable in 90 FPS on select OnePlus devices

The feature will be unlocked for a limited time.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile will finally be playable in a smooth 90 frames-per-second (FPS). There’s a catch, however. This feature will only be unlocked on certain OnePlus devices for a limited period.

OnePlus’ 8 series, 7T series, and the 7 Pro will be getting exclusive access to run the game in 90Hz, according to a post on the OnePlus forums. The game can be played in 90 FPS from Aug. 6 to Sept. 7.

The feature will be available for all of the aforementioned devices around the world except in Mainland China, Japan, and Korea.

This is the first time the popular mobile battle royale game will be playable in 90 FPS. PUBG Mobile’s Chinese version, Game for Peace, already has the option to set the refresh rate to 90 or 120.

Players on other devices with high refresh rates are likely hoping they’ll get this feature as well. Tencent has made no indication as to when this can be expected to happen, however.

OnePlus also has a partnership with European esports organization Fnatic, which sees the company’s logo displayed on the org’s jerseys. As part of the partnership, OnePlus devices also have a “Fnatic mode,” which can be switched on to boost gaming performance and block notifications.