PUBG Mobile unveils global treasure hunt with free tickets to the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals

$1 million will be given away to players to attend the global finals in December.

Image via Tencent Games

PUBG Mobile has launched a global treasure hunt, which will feature in-game missions and paid travel to the PMCO Fall Split Finals in December.

The event has been divided into four stages. Each stage will take place on a different map: Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok. Every stage will have seven levels with two different missions for each level.

The dates for the different stages are:

  1. Erangel: Aug. 20 to 28
  2. Miramar: Aug. 28 to Sept. 5
  3. Sanhok: Sept. 5 to 12
  4. Vikendi: Sept. 12 to 20

These seven levels are based on locations in different maps and at least one of the two missions is related to that area. One of the current levels in the ongoing Erangel stage, for example, is located at Hospital. Players are required to kill one enemy at the location with an M16.

Upon completing a mission, players can enter into a lucky draw. Completing seven or more missions in a single stage will grant players a progress reward. Completing all of the missions in a single stage awards the player with a world travel reward. The progress reward will be a limited-time outfit, while the world travel reward will be a permanent outfit and a title.

The most exciting part of the treasure hunt is the $1 million prize pool for funding players’ travel expenses to the upcoming PMCO Fall Split Global Finals in December. Upon completing any mission in a stage, players enter the lottery pool. The winners will be announced after the completion of the stage.

The exact number of winners that will be selected wasn’t revealed. The winners will be required to participate in promotional activities related to the event. The $1 million is only for funding players’ travel expenses and is non-transferable.