PUBG Mobile is getting a lot of PMGC 2020 Finals-themed events

Earn skins, outfits, real money, and more through these events.

Image via Tencent

While the 16 teams are battling in the Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2020 Finals, there is a lot you can do from home.

Tencent has revealed a string of new events themed around the PMGC. Some of these offer some exciting rewards to players. Today, the company revealed the event schedule for the PMGC 2020 Finals.

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The million-reward guess event is the most exciting event out of these. In this, players have to guess the winner of the PMGC to get some exciting rewards. Players will also have to predict the WWCD and the top three teams every day for more rewards. It has a prize pool of 50 million AG, 5 million UC, and $150,000.

The PMGC theme song, which was teased earlier this week, will be making its way to PUBG Mobile. The theme song is called “Battle for Glory.”

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Players can also tune into the competition through the in-game esports center. Watching the event here will give players points, which can be spent on some exciting rewards.

The schedule also shows different rewards for hitting peak concurrent viewers’ milestones. Tencent still hasn’t revealed what these milestones are. The peak concurrent viewers giveaway event will give away some stickers, a OnePlus 8T, and airpods.

There will also be a post-PMGC event. It is called the PMGC Finals celebration and will reward players with AG, a backpack skin, and an outfit. More information about this event will be revealed later.