PUBG Mobile is conducting a closed beta test for 5,000 players on Jan. 15

Could Erangel 2.0 being tested?

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile is conducting a closed beta test on Jan. 15 that only 5,000 players can participate in. Since the game released globally in March 2019, Tencent has never conducted such a beta test before, leaving fans speculating as to what’s in store for them.

This beta test shouldn’t be confused with the beta testing applications the developers have been asking for this past week. This beta test appears to be a separate one that was revealed to the players through the official PUBG Mobile India Discord server. The announcement says that the developers are conducting a beta test for upcoming features on Jan. 15. A form was also attached to the announcement and players can fill it out to register for the test. Only 5,000 people will be selected, according to the announcement.

The different nature in which this beta test is being conducted has raised some eyebrows. PUBG Mobile YouTuber Mr. GHOST GAMING, who’s been known to leak updates for the game before anyone else, also commented on the beta test in a community post on YouTube.

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In the post, the YouTuber seems almost certain that Tencent is inviting certain players to check out Erangel 2.0, an updated version of the classic Erangel map with better textures, environments, and more. It was revealed in July 2019 that the new map was coming to PUBG Mobile, but there’s been no news about its release.

Nonetheless, several players are excited to see what Tencent will be testing on Jan. 15.