PUBG Mobile hosts first 24-hour livestream—and it’s really unexciting

A sandstorm is sweeping through Miramar.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile is hosting its first 24-hour stream on the game’s official YouTube channel right now. The stream was teased for days, but what fans got to see today wasn’t exactly exciting.

Tencent recently made some changes to Miramar in Patch 0.18.0 and called the map “Mad Miramar.” Things have gotten even crazier, though, since a sandstorm has been taking over the entire desert map today. The stream basically depicts a still image from Miramar with a mini-map in the top right showing how much of the map has been covered by the sandstorm.

Periodically, the livestream also shows some coupon codes that players can redeem to get a lucky airdrop in PUBG Mobile.

The sandstorm is a one-of-a-kind occurrence in the game and adds a completely different playstyle to Miramar. The map is traditionally known for its open fields and hilly terrain, which make it extremely good for sniping. With the sandstorm, however, this becomes impossible due to the low visibility. Players have to adapt to close-range fights on Miramar as well now.

Tencent hasn’t revealed how long the sandstorm will last.