PUBG Mobile Cycle 2, season 6 is here with adjustments to Bronze and Silver tiers

It's become easier for lower-ranked players to advance forward.

PUBG Mobile
Image via Tencent

It’s time to rank up again in PUBG Mobile since Cycle Two, season six is now live in the game. The season will last for about two months until July 17. Players can hop into ranked games and advance through the tiers based on their performance.

There’s a big change that’s come to the battle royale game this season. The Bronze tier is now split into three mini-tiers instead of five. The Silver tier, on the other hand, will now contain four mini-tiers instead of five. This should make ranking up easier for lower-ranked players. There is no change to the tiers in Gold and above.

A new season also means new ranked rewards. The rewards for this season include C2S6 skins for Glasses, an outfit, parachute, QBU, Mask, and cover. Players can receive these based on the highest rank they achieve this season.

Image via Tencent

The content for this season was included in the recently-released Patch 2.0. The patch added a lot of new features to the game, including the official Livik map. After a long beta, the map has now been completely released into the game. Livik’s official release came with several new features that include upgrades to structures and graphics, a new vehicle (UTV), different mini-games, and more.

The patch also added the Emergency Pickup feature, which allows players to call in a rescue plan to quickly rotate into the zone. The shotguns in the game have been buffed as well.