PUBG Mobile banned 1.85 million hackers last week

The most commonly used cheats were auto-aim hacks.

Image via Tencent

Tencent permanently banned 1,857,847 PUBG Mobile accounts between Jan. 22 and 28 for using hacks in the game, the company announced.

Hackers are a big problem in the popular battle royale. Tencent has been trying to crack down on them through various measures. The company releases a weekly “ban pan” report, revealing the number of accounts banned, the hacks they were using, and their rank.

As usual, the most commonly used unfair measure is the auto-aim hack. About 30 percent of the total accounts were banned for using it. Twenty-nine percent of hackers were using X-ray vision, 19 percent were using speed hacks, 11 percent were modifying the character model, and eight percent were modifying the area damage. Three percent of the accounts were banned for “other” reasons.

The rank distribution for these banned accounts was as follows:

  • Bronze: 35 percent
  • Silver: 12 percent
  • Gold: 11 percent
  • Platinum: 12 percent
  • Diamond: 12 percent
  • Crown: 10 percent
  • Ace: Seven percent
  • Conqueror: One percent

Last week, Tencent issued comparatively fewer bans with only 988,533 accounts getting permanently suspended.

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