PUBG Mobile adds Infection mode

You are up against zombies in this mode.

Image via Tencent

Tencent has brought the popular Infection mode back to PUBG Mobile.

The Evo-ground mode was initially released last year. Now, it’s returned to the game with a few aesthetic changes to the Lost Harbor map. The map is now scattered with pumpkins and the colors have changed a bit.

In this Evo-ground mode, you can play as a zombie and take down humans. The mode has three rounds, each of which lasts three minutes and 25 seconds. In the initial 25 seconds, players have to position themselves on the map.

After this, three players randomly turn into the infected, or zombies. The infected have infinite respawns and higher health. They don’t have a gun and have to take down the defenders (humans) with melee attacks.

The defenders, on the other hand, have to survive for three minutes while killing the infected. When defenders are killed by zombies, they also turn into the infected. The goal of the infected is to turn all defenders into zombies within the time limit.

When a round ends, all players turn into defenders again. After 25 seconds, three players will randomly become infected. This goes on for three rounds.

Based on the number of kills a player gets as an infected or defender in the three rounds, they’re given points that contribute to their overall ranking. After a match ends, players will be able to see their position based on their performance.