PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 patch notes now available

The patch will bring the new season, new maps, and more.

Image via Tencent

Patch notes for the upcoming PUBG Mobile update on Nov. 9 have been revealed today on the game’s official website.

Based on what we already know, this update will introduce season 10 along with a new battle pass called Fury of the Wasteland, the Ruins deathmatch map, the MP5K gun, and the Zima vehicle.

The new deathmatch map will be similar to Sanhok with a desertic climate. The MP5K and Zima will replace the Vector and UAZ in Vikendi.

Image via Tencent

The patch notes also revealed that a new companion system will be implemented, starting with the Falcon. It’ll be obtained by crafting components (Companion Shards) that can be collected for free or purchased in the store.

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A new character, Sara the Vehicle Engineer, will enter the game. Her ability will grant vehicles more protection against damage in EVO modes.

The Arcade mode will receive some availability changes, too. Mini-Zone won’t be available anymore, while Quick Match will always be playable. Two game modes will switch every day of the week: Sniper Training and War Mode.

Some improvements will be made to the clans and their recruiting, like filters and requirements of language or level.

Here are some of the other changes revealed in the patch notes:

Team-up recommendations for missions

  • Team-up missions now support pop-ups that help players invite other players to teams quickly, as well as quick messaging, one-tap friending and inviting, etc.
  • Recruitments for Team-up missions can now be sent in the Clan Channel so that players can invite more players to their team.
  • Support for Daily Missions, Royale Pass Daily Missions, and Royale Pass Weekly Challenge Missions.


  • Pending Team-up invites will now appear in the notifications.

Main menu improvements

  • The time required to enter the Shop and get supplies has been improved.

Charisma system

  • The Charisma system has been taken offline for now and will be relaunched after further adjustments are made.

The update requires 0.21 GB of storage space on an Android device and 0.24 GB on iOS. If you update the game before Nov. 14, you’ll be awarded 20 Silver, 2,000 BP, and a Blue Glider Trail.