PSG introduces their League of Legends coach

PSG Esports revealed their new coach.

Image via Bluehole

Hadrien “Hadrien” Forestier has joined PSG Esports as their new coach, the organization revealed moments ago in a YouTube video.

Not much is known about this 25-year-old Paris native, however, Hadrien has been picked to lead the PSG team through their Challenger Series matches, which start in the next few days. This will be Hadrien’s first time coaching a League of Legends team. 

After being involved behind the esports scene as a shoutcaster and writer for about two years, Hadrien said that he wanted to “discover the other aspects of esports.”

“For me, a coach has to give motivation to the team, obviously facilitate communication, but also identify the meta and give the best drafts as well,” Hadrien said. “Basically, [I need to] answer all of the needs that the players have and try to put them in the best situation to win games.” 

You can tune in to watch Hadrien and the rest of PSG make their Challenger Series debut against Fnatic Academy on Sunday, Feb. 5 at 11:00 a.m. EST. 

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Image via PSG Esports.