PS5’s DualSense officially supported by Steam after update

Next-gen on your PC.

Image via Sony

Steam’s latest client update added support for the DualSense via Steam Input, meaning that the controller can now become the native input device for your library.

Valve’s patch notes today indicate that the DualSense “trackpad, gyro, lightbar, and rumble functionality” will be available. Since the patch notes only mentioned “rumble,” the next-gen controller’s well-received haptic feedback and adaptive triggers features might still be in the works.

The adaptive triggers in the DualSense cause the controller to actively resist your actions at times, allowing for further immersion into your game world. For example, you’ll be able to feel the tension of a drawn bowstring in Astro’s Playroom or while climbing a rope.

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The developer initially implemented support for the DualSense controller in November for the Steam Client Beta. And it looks like the developer is steadily rolling out updates for the next-gen controller with each successive pass.