Prime Gaming adds New World Robin Hood drop

Come and get it.

Image via Amazon Games

Prime Gaming members now have access to another set New World cosmetics beginning today.

The “Robin Hood Pack #1” can be claimed by anyone that has their Amazon Prime account connected to their Twitch account.

It is the third Prime Gaming loot drop for New World out of seven that are scheduled in total. The first two packs were Pirate themed, and this one is based on the legendary outlaw Robin Hood, who would steal from the rich and give to the poor.

The first pack includes a Robin Hood skin, a blow kiss emote, five Prime Blue dye packs and some Robin Hood crests.

To claim the loot, all you need to do is connect your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account, and go to the New World loot page on the official Prime Gaming website. There you can click the Claim button to have the items added to your account.

The next part of the Robin Hood pack, including a bow cosmetic and another emote, will become available to Prime Gamers on Nov. 9. New World Prime drops are set to release every other week for the rest of the calendar year.