Preseason: Practice Mode Announced

Riot Games has announced the long-awaited practice mode for League of Legends.

Just a few moments ago, Riot has officially announced the long-awaited practice mode, giving players a mode they can use to practice champions to their leisure without having to queue up for a game. The proposed mode gives players a casual space to practice champions they might not have played before. The following options will be available to toy around with in this practice mode:

  • Access to infinite gold.

  • The ability to reset your cooldowns.

  • The ability to lock your level.

  • The ability to freeze minion spawns.

It is being advertised as a tool for players to test and master champions. More details on what you can expect are detailed here in Riot’s official statement on the long-awaited practice mode.

I, for one, accept our new training mode with open arms and look forward to seeing what else Riot implements for the upcoming season, with several more improvements hopefully on the way.

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Image credits: Riot Flickr