Pokémon UNITE will undergo network maintenance on Jan. 19

This will include Trevenant going live and additional new content.

Image via TiMi Studio

Pokémon UNITE will undergo a big maintenance period on Jan. 19 ahead of Trevenant being added to the game as the 30th playable Pokémon. 

From 3pm CT to 1am CT on Jan. 20, players will be unable to play UNITE in any form while TiMi Studio works on the backend of the game, pushing new content live to the global servers. 

Once this maintenance period concludes, Trevenant should be live for all players. And with the length of this maintenance period, it’s unlikely that the new Pokémon is the only additional piece of content we’ll be seeing when the next version of UNITE goes live. 

Since this new version of UNITE will feature Trevenant, players can expect a sizable balance update that should hit some of the high-usage Pokémon the developers view as needing some changes—such as Dragonite and Tsareena. 

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When this update goes live, new Holowear, limited-time event missions, and more new content could also be added. We won’t actually know what TiMi plans to push live until it’s available in-game since UNITE doesn’t have a dedicated roadmap for content updates outside of the occasional Pokémon reveal. 

As of now, this new version of the game will go live while the Agent of Disaster battle pass and Melody Collection are still live, which means any new event or battle pass data won’t actually be pushed until at least Jan. 30.