Here are the Pokémon UNITE version patch notes

Eldegoss, Slowbro, and Decidueye got some love.

Image via TiMi Studio

TiMi Studio has been busy today, launching Dragonite as a playable Pokémon, pushing he next battle pass, Agent of Disaster, live, and releasing a new balance patch that changes quite a bit about Pokémon UNITE.

The version patch includes multiple buffs and nerfs for the playable roster, but also fixes some fundamental issues with the game, including adding in the actual move text for all of Dragonite’s attacks, which were not present when Dragonite first went live. 

Additionally, a new fix has been pushed for Quick, Standard, and Ranked matchmaking that aims to “better ensure that players with similar skill levels are matched.” If this works. It might make playing the game a little less frustrating for players in Ranked who are in Ultra Class but keep getting put into games with Veteran or lower players. 

As for the patch itself, Eldegoss received some massive reworks that look to make Cotton Spore a more viable move thanks to some increased damage and effect duration. Venusaur also got some sizable changes, weakening Petal Dance’s effects on the user and buffing Solar Beam and Sludge Bomb.

Decidueye and Pikachu also got some much needed buffs, with Decidueye’s Leaf Storm getting some increased effects and Leafage doing more damage, while Pikachu is going to deal more damage with some of its moves.

Slowbro also had its ability reworked, with Oblivious now having the Pokémon store up lost HP for a short time and using that to recover its health when hitting an opposing Pokémon with an attack. 

Outside another hotfix or last-minute patch, this will likely be the last sizable update pushed for UNITE in 202. Here are the full version patch notes. 


  • Added text for Dragonite’s Moves
  • Implemented the various alterations for the Holiday Event
  • Slightly reworked matchmaking in Quick, Standard, and Ranked modes
  • Corphish bug fixes on Remoat Stadium

Balance Adjustments

  • Venusaur
    • Petal Dance effects on the user weakened
    • Solar Beam cooldown reduced
    • Sludge Bomb range increased
    • Verdant Anger area of effect adjusted
  • Wigglytuff
    • Star Recital Shield effect reduced and duration of effects on the user reduced
  • Zeraora
    • Spark damage reduced
    • Wild Charge bug fixes
  • Gardevoir
    • Moonblast cooldown reduced
    • Future Sight bug fixes
  • Eldegoss
    • Leaf Tornado damage reduced
    • Cotton Spore
      • Damage increased
      • Cooldown reduced
      • Duration of effects on opposing Pokémon increased
      • Effects on opposing Pokémon strengthened
      • Effects on user strengthened.
  • Crustle
    • Boosted Attack damage increased
  • Tsareena
    • Triple Axel effects on the user weakened
  • Slowbro
    • Oblivious effect changed
    • Scald damage increased and effects on opposing Pokémon strengthened.
    • Amnesia+ increases Sp. Def.
  • Decidueye
    • Leafage damage Increased
    • Spirit Shackle cooldown reduced
    • Leaf Storm
      • Cooldown reduced
      • Effects on opposing Pokémon strengthened
      • Effects on user strengthened
  • Cinderace
    • Blaze Kick+ effects on user strengthened
    • Feint cooldown reduced
  • Pikachu
    • Thunder Shock damage increased
    • Volt Tackle damage increased
    • Thunderstorm charge Rate increased
  • Sylveon
    • Hyper Voice bug fixes