Pokémon UNITE players are sick of being killed by dead Pokémon

The problem seems to stem from many of the games playable Pokémon.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon UNITE has been available for a few months now on Nintendo Switch and the mobile version is set to launch later this week, but there are still issues players are having with the game.

One of these issues that a Reddit user highlighted today is when a Pokémon uses an ability before feinting and is able to eliminate their attacker after death.

In a clip, a player can be seen taking out a Greninja with Garchomp. But because Greninja launches Water Shuriken right before death, the attack still fired off and it takes out Garchomp in the process.

Players shared similar experiences, so it seems to be a wider issue plaguing all Pokémon in the game. TiMi Studios have yet to address this problem in any updates, but it seems to stem from the attack animation remaining after a Pokémon is killed. Hopefully, for players, this is something that can be addressed in a later patch and resolved efficiently.