Pokémon Unite Patch Notes Ver – July 28

Gardevoir is now available and poor Charizard being hit with the game's first nerf.

TiMi Studio has officially released the first big update for Pokémon UNITE, adding Gardevoir to the game as the 21st playable Pokémon, along with a few bug fixes. 

Unfortunately, the update, listed as version didn’t come with a comprehensive list of patch notes since it only fixed some very specific things about the game. However, one change may have fundamentally reworked how Charizard will play moving forward.

TiMi noted that with the release of Gardevoir, the other major thing being updated was how “the Muscle Band not acting as intended when equipped by Charizard.”

Most Charizard builds utilize the Attack boosting item since it is a melee attacker, letting it deal more damage. And, though we didn’t get detailed notes on the patch, it appears that the Pokémon has been pretty heavily nerfed. 

According to some players in the community, the nerf comes in the form of the Muscle Band no longer being applied to every auto-attack that Charizard uses. Instead, the item will only buff every other auto-attack, which severely decreases the amount of damage that the Fire/Flying-type can put out. 

The main reason many players think this change was made is due to Charizard’s Unite Move Seismic Slam. Prior to this nerf, Muscle Band would buff each auto-attack used during the Unite Move, making it extremely powerful and fast, and very capable of dealing with multiple opponents–even Zapdos. 

Outside of those two big parts, the remainder of the update seems to have been used to fix smaller bugs and add some updates to the game’s text.