Pokémon Trading Card Game Online to add special Bidoof promotional items for Bidoof Day

What else can you Bidoof-ify?

Image via The Pokemon Company

Bidoof Day isn’t only happening in Pokémon Go. Now, The Pokémon Company is offering a special set of in-game items for fans of the Normal-type in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

These Bidoof-themed items will be available to all players across PC and mobile who log into Pokémon TCG Online for free as a bonus for Bidoof Day on July 1. 

Any player who logs in and claims the special items will receive a Bidoof Deck Box, card sleeves, and a coin. These will all prominently feature Bidoof, either using the TPC logo for Bidoof Day or a depiction of the Plump Mouse Pokémon. 

All three bonus items will be available for players to claim for free starting on July 1 and will remain in the game until July 7. 

Once claimed, players can represent the new overlord of the Pokémon world every time they load into a game.

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This will be the third Bidoof-related promotion in a Pokémon game, with the ongoing Bidoof Breakout event in Pokémon Go and some additional in-game bonuses being added to Pokémon Masters EX, which will go live on June 30. There will also be a Bidoof Day event featured in Pokémon Go on July 1, featuring more Bidoof and event-exclusive moves.