Pokémon Masters EX Winter 2021 event revealed with 2 new sync pairs

The holiday season is here.

Screengrab via DeNA

The Holiday Season is here, and Pokémon Masters EX players have a whole new storyline and new sync pairs to enjoy.

Pokémon Masters EX’s Winter 2021 event was announced today, which will bring new content, including two seasonal sync pairs. The two new sync pairs joining the game are Leon (Holiday 2021) and Calyrex, which will be available through the seasonal sync pair scout from Dec. 15 until Dec. 31. The second sync pair is Neesa (Holiday 2021) and Eiscue, which can be earned the same way from Dec. 17 until Dec. 31.

Leona and Calyrex is an ice-type strike sync pair that is capable of doing huge damage with physical moves. Neesa and Eiscue is also an ice-type sync pair but with the ability to nullify physical attacks with Ice Face and start up a hailstorm.

The Winter 2021 event was detailed in a recent developer blog from DeNA, which also shared what’s coming in the near future. After this event, there will be some big additions coming to the game to kick off 2022 that haven’t been entirely detailed yet. But if you’d like to read more, you can check out this and other additions here.