Pokémon Masters EX reveals Halloween event Midnight Spookfest, introduces two new Sync Pairs

Morty & Banette, Caitlin & Sableye join the game.

Image via YouTube Absol-utely PM

In celebration of the spooky season, Pokémon Masters EX will be introducing two new Sync Pairs to the game.

Announced today, the next story event will be the Midnight Spookfest and along with new challenges for players to participate in, players can also earn the two Ghost-type Sync Pairs Morty and Banette, Caitlin and Sableye.

Both the new Sync Pairs are in their seasonal outfits. Banette and Sableye are capable of Mega Evolving thanks to their Sync Moves. Morty and Banette are a tech-type Sync Pair providing buffs to allies in combat, while Caitlin and Sableye are a support Sync Pair.

During this event, players will be tasked with helping out Pasio trainers as they celebrate Halloween. The event will go live on Oct. 14, 2021.

If you’re heading back into Pokémon Masters EX, don’t forget to challenge the Champion Stadium which has just been updated to feature the Alola Elite Four and Champion. Players can complete this once a week.

This is the only news of the Halloween festivities within Pokémon Masters EX so far, but there could be more to come in a further announcement. Don’t miss out on this new addition to the story when it goes live on Oct. 14.