Pokémon Go’s May Community Day set for May 15

The featured Pokémon remains a mystery.

Image via Niantic

The May Community Day event for Pokémon Go will run on May 15, Niantic announced today. But we still don’t know which Pokémon will be the focus of the event. 

It isn’t uncommon for Niantic to float event dates out without actually confirming certain details. But it is strange to have the dates for an event that typically focuses on a single Pokémon and not even a teaser shared. 

Based on the previous Community Days hosted this year, it’s very likely that we won’t be seeing Tepig as the next featured Pokémon. This is based on Snivy being the last Community Day Pokémon and Niantic typically spacing out starter Pokémon events using one-month buffers. 

Prior to Snivy, players were able to catch Fletchling in March’s Community Day event. Roselia and Machop were the other two Pokémon featured this year. 

As always, players can expect whatever Pokémon is selected to have an event-exclusive move for its final evolution, Research tasks to complete surrounding the Pokémon, and multiple bonuses, such as triple capture XP, to be included.

Based on Niantic’s reluctance to announce the upcoming featured Pokémon for May’s Community Day, it might be something extra spicy. More details “will be revealed in an upcoming blog post.”