Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour features shiny Buneary tonight

Get ready to try and find the shiny rabbit.

Image via Niantic

To coincide with the ongoing Spring into Spring event, the first Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour of April will feature Buneary. 

These are much smaller events that work as mini-Community Days and showcase one specific species of Pokémon each week by boosting its spawn rates. They also include special boosts that give useful bonuses like double capture XP or Candy during the event period. 

The Spotlight Hour will run from 6pm to 7pm local time with Buneary in the spotlight. During that time, players will earn double the Candy for transferring Pokémon. 

In addition to the Rabbit Pokémon appearing more frequently, it will also be available in its shiny variant. 

For April, there are a total of four Spotlight Hour events, starting with Buneary and then rolling on to Mankey next week. 

  • April 13: Mankey
    • Double evolution XP
  • April 20: Grimer
    • Double capture Stardust
  • April 27: Finneon
    • Double capture XP