Pokémon Go Fest 2021 adds Google Play as sponsor, offers bonuses for Google Play subscribers and Android players

A large portion of the player base just got a few added perks.

Image via Niantic

Google Play is now officially sponsoring Pokémon Go Fest 2021, which means players will get bonus rewards if they’re playing on Android devices leading into and during the event on July 17 and 18. 

Some of these bonuses will only be available to Google Play subscribers, but other eligible players will still have a chance to get some nice perks as part of this deal. 

In the days prior to Go Fest actually launching, eligible players can redeem a promotion and get three months of YouTube Premium for free. This deal will become available next week. Popular YouTube group The Try Guys will also be creating content for the event themed around training. 

From July 12 to 18, Google Play subscribers will be able to earn quadruple the Google Play Points on all purchases made in Pokémon Go. These can later be redeemed for Pokémon Go-related coupons in the store or for other promotions. 

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During the event itself, players on Android devices will be eligible to receive a “special Sponsored Gift” as part of the promotion. The gift, which will be available starting July 17, will include one Incense, one Super Incubator, and 30 Ultra Balls.

Additional details about the Google Play sponsorship could still evolve as we get closer to Go Fest 2021.