Pittsburgh Knights’ Sixless banned from PUBG Mobile esports until 2021

The player had participated in the PMCO qualifiers with an account he didn't own.

Image via Tencent

Brandon “Sixless” Cole Patterson has been banned from official PUBG Mobile tournaments through the end of 2020. The player announced the temporary ban in a YouTube video titled “Why I got banned from PUBG Mobile” earlier today. 

Sixless was competing in the ongoing PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) West season zero as a stand-in for Pittsburgh Knights. Pittsburgh Knights were performing well in the league and currently sit in fourth place. 

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In the video, Sixless read the official statement he had received from Tencent regarding the ban. 

Sixless participated in the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) fall split qualifiers with “an account he didn’t own for a team he wasn’t affiliated with.” The player admitted this on the video and said that he had played two matches of the qualifiers. 

Sixless added that he “wasn’t aware of the rules” before saying that he should have probably known that since it was one of the “basic” rules. 

According to the statement the player read on the video, Tencent said that this was reported to them via “screenshots, in-game messages, and live streams.” The company found this to be in “direct conflict with the competitive policy of PUBG Mobile Esports” and subsequently banned the player from all official tournaments until 2021. He will no longer be competing in the PMWL as well. 

In the video, Sixless appeared unfazed about the ban and even poured water on his face at one point to represent tears. 

“As you can see, I have been crying so much since my ban,” Sixless joked. “So many tears, so many tears!”

Sixless went on to say that he was going to play classics after the World League anyways so this ban had just moved up his plans by a few weeks. The player added that he will now be live streaming more and will continue to participate in scrimmages as well. 

Neither Tencent nor Pittsburgh Knights have made a public statement regarding the player’s ban yet.