Phoenix1 vs Invictus Gaming: Showmatch Confusion

This showmatch mix-upp had everyone confused.

The showmatch that was supposed to be between North American League Championship Series team Phoenix1, and China’s League of Legends Pro League team Invictus Gaming, instead had P1 up play against iG’s all-female team. This news came out of nowhere, with everyone including Chinese fans confused. Kelsey Moser from theScore explained on Twitter that the showmatch ended up resulting in P1 and IG’s female squad mixing their rosters and playing a game.

Aside from the fans who watched this debacle unfold live, this poster, which surfaced online only minutes before the event. was the only piece of information released stating that iG’s female team would be playing. P1 has not addressed this showmatch topic yet.

This showmatch, regardless of which roster iG used, was the first international showmatch to occur in over two years. The last international showmatch took place back in early 2014, which pitted NA LCS team Cloud9 against Korea’s CJ Entus Frost.

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Article by Malcolm Abbas. Follow him @SmashhLoL

Photos courtesy of LoL Esports and PandaTV