Pay To Lose? Rengar Skin Nerfs Leap Ability

According to Reddit user Ratox, the new Night Hunter skin for Rengar seems to cut the range on his leaping ability, but in fact, makes it visually harder to see what enemies are in range.

Have you heard of pay-to-win, but like the thrill of losing more?

Look no further than Rengar’s Night Hunter skin, now with a visual nerf to his leap that slightly cripples his passive and ultimate abilities for those wanting to get the most out of its range.

Thanks to Reddit user Ratox, who unfortunately wasted 975 Riot Points on this skin, we now know that Rengar’s Night Hunter skin, released over three years ago, changes the indicator on where he can leap to.

Here is what the leap range looks like when using Rengar with his regular skin:

And here is what the leap range looks like on Rengar’s Night Hunter skin:

It seems that the indicators for the Night Hunter skin are flipped compared to that on the classic skin, and enemies who looked to be barely in range now seem to be outside of it. So, for those who swear by their level of play or range dropping whenever they use this skin, do not worry; you are not going crazy.

This does not affect Rengar’s mechanics, however, the visual difference definitely can cause some confusion for summoners on the Rift who want to calculate their first strike.

There is no word yet on whether Riot is looking into this bug, however, support tickets are being filed for this known error.

Do you think Riot will patch this up, or is this a sign of a nerf to come for Rengar? 

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.

Image Credit: Ratox

Thumbnail Image Credit: Riot Games