Panda win PMPL Western Europe season one, 3 teams qualify for EMEA Championship

The event had a prize pool of $150,000.

Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

The first season of the $150,000 PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Western Europe wrapped up today with Panda taking home the gold. 

The finals went into the penultimate game to decide the champions, and Panda and Destiny were locked in a battle for the trophy. Disappointing 12th and 13th-place finishes in the last two games put Destiny in the second place on the rankings table, though. 

From the 18 total matches, Panda secured a single chicken dinner, 78 kills, and 114 placement points. With this, they reached the top of the rankings table with 192 points. Second-placed Destiny earned four chicken dinners and 72 kills, but a poorer show of consistency in the remaining matches cost them the title of Western Europe champions. 

The contention for the third position was also a stiff one. After 18 matches, Godsent and UDR Killers tied at 159 points. Godsent earned third, however, due to a higher number of chicken dinners. 

The top three teams from this event will now advance to the PMPL EMEA season one from June 24 to 27. These are Panda, Destiny, and Godsent. 

The overall standings of the PMPL Western Europe season one are as follows: 

  1. Panda (192 points)
  2. Destiny (176 points)
  3. Godsent (159 points)
  4. UDR Killers (159 points)
  5. Lakonostra MVP (157 points)
  6. Unicorns of Love (154 points)
  7. Lost Bullet (146 points)
  8. GSG Europe (144 points)
  9. Polar Ace (125 points)
  10. Qlash (121 points)
  11. Eastern Stars (119 points)
  12. Nexus Gaming (116 points)
  13. Gamelord (102 points)
  14. Team Umbra (94 points)
  15. Gakin Seraphim (79 points)
  16. Black Sparks (60 points)