Overwatch Winter Premiere Finals Day 1 Recap

The first day of the Overwatch Winter Premiere finals has come to an end and the finals match is set. Here's how the two series from today played out.

After four qualifier and two round-robin stages, four teams have advanced to play at PAX South for the chance to win the Overwatch Winter Premiere. The No. 1 seed Immortals took on the No. 4 seed Luminosity Gaming. The second series was played between the No. 2 seed Ghost Gaming, formerly Team Kungarna, and the No. 3 seed compLexity Gaming.

Immortals 3-0 Luminosity Gaming

Immortals came into the offline finals as the No. 1 seed and the favorite to win the tournament. Although the team was playing with a stand-in, the team ran over its first opponent on route to the finals. The first map played between the two teams was El Dorado, where Immortals pushed the payload to the final point and held Luminosity from taking the first point on the map.

The second game of this series was played on Temple of Anubis, and was much closer than the first. Immortals narrowly took both points, with Luminosity putting up a strong defense. When the teams flipped sides, Luminosity was not able to take the second, point with Immortals staging an even stronger defense to keep LG from getting two points.

The final game of this series was played on the king-of-the-hill map Nepal. On Nepal, Immortals again cruised to a smooth victory, taking every point in commanding fashion. Stand-in Zac Chance Palmer played a serviceable Reinhardt through the three matches and helped his team to a 3-0 sweep over Luminosity.

compLexity Gaming 0-3 Ghost Gaming

Just one day before they were set to play, Team Kungarna announced a new sponsorship as Ghost Gaming picked up the roster to support them. Ghost Gaming came into the game as the No. 2 seed, while compLexity was the No. 3 seed. The first game between these two teams was played on Route 66. Ghost Gaming was on offense first and narrowly got the payload to the end, but compLexity held them off. On the reverse side, compLexity was unable to capture a single point as Ghost Gaming easily won the first map.

The second game was played on Kings Row, and the two teams were very close. Off of a strong offensive push with help from the newly buffed Sombra, compLexity nearly pushed the payload to the end. Ghost Gaming was facing an uphill battle, but due to great play from DPS player Andrej “babybay” Francisty, the team was able to beat the mark set by compLexity and win the map.

The third game of the series was Hollywood. The teams played out a full round of offense, but due to technical issues, the map had to be replayed and compLexity was given a second chance at success. Both teams were able to push the payload to the very end, but compLexity could not take the first point in the second round of action and Ghost Gaming completely ran over the defense and took the first point with no time wasted.

On Saturday, compLexity wil play Luminosity in the third place match while Ghost Gaming will take on Immortals in the final. Both matches will be best-of-five.

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