Orbit Prevails: EU CWL 2000 Series Feb. 5 Recap

This was the final chance for EU teams to grab themselves a better seed going into ESWC.

This GameBattles 2K tournament was the last chance for European teams to make a push for those all-important ESWC pool play spots, with the top-eight seeds qualifying at the end of the day. Imperial (ninth) was sitting 1000 points behind Supremacy (eighth), and with both teams facing each other in the bracket, the pressure was on. On top of that, battles for seeding included Fnatic (sixth) 500 points behind Team 3G (fifth), and Orbit (second) needing a 2K win to overtake Splyce in first place.


Splyce 3-2 Kagabow

Black Forest 3-2 Pulse

Supremacy 3-0 Howbowdah

Imperial 3-1 Bulldog

Team 3G 3-0 iDomina

MRN 3-2 Hadouken

Millenium 3-1 Beetle Juice

Infused 3-0 Aerox

Elevate 3-0 CWL Squad

2K 5/2/17 3-1 Ducks

Fabe 3-0 KsK Xmen

Fnatic 3-0 Requiem

XtroVert 3-0 My dads bald as fook

Epsilon 3-0 UX

StrokeUnit 3-1 Zealous

Orbit 3-0 2K 05/02


Splyce 3-0 Black Forest

Supremacy 3-2 Imperial

Team 3G 3-2 MRN

Infused 3-1 Millenium

Elevate 3-1 2k 5/2/17

Fnatic 3-1 Fabe

Epsilon 3-2 XtroVert

Orbit 3-1 StrokeUnit


Splyce 3-0 Supremacy

Infused 3-0 Team 3G

Fnatic 3-0 Elevate

Orbit 3-2 Epsilon


Splyce 3-0 Infused

Orbit 3-1 Fnatic


Orbit 3-0 Splyce 

With that win, Orbit takes over as the first seed going into ESWC, dropping Splyce down to second. Fnatic outplaced Team 3G to become the fifth seed and Imperial just missed out on a spot in pool play with a close 3-2 loss to Supremacy. Epsilon needed a win to qualify, but couldn’t defeat Orbit, who continues to make their claim at the title for the best team in Europe.

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