OpTic Gaming Qualifies for the ELEAGUE Major

OpTic Gaming Qualifies for the ELEAGUE Major after going 3-1 in the qualifiers.

Congratulations to OpTic Gaming as they became the 3rd team to qualify for the ELEAGUE Major as a challenger.  

OpTic’s roster of RUSH, stanislaw, NAF, tarik and mixwell have worked their way into the top five team in the world recently and were eager to get the organization into its second consecutive major. However, the first major OpTic attended was ESL One Cologne 2016, and tarik was not on the roster at the time. Instead, daps was OpTic’s fifth player.

The addition of tarik brought more firepower to the roster, giving OpTic another great rifler and a backup AWPer when necessary. mixwell is the main AWPer, however he also plays a good rifle role when necessary.  NAF-FLY, is the team’s backup AWPer and he is also considered the team’s lurker. stanislaw is OpTic’s IGL (In-game leader) and support player, but he can also be considered the lurker/flanker from time to time. RUSH is OpTic’s aggressive entry fragger and main rifler, as he is usually the first one into the action.  

OpTic has had good luck over the last couple of events that they have played at. They won ELEAGUE Season 2 earlier in the month and they took second place, after falling to Astralis, in the ECS Season 2 finals. OpTic Gaming came out hungry to make the ELEAGUE Major, as they looked to continue on their recent success.

OpTic Gaming went 3-1 in the qualifiers, which guarentees them a spot in the ELEAGUE Major. The qualifiers usued the Swiss system, which basically states: win 3 you are in, lose 3 and you are out.  

OpTic Gaming’s matches were as follows:

OpTic Gaming vs. TyLoo – OpTic wins 16-9

OpTic Gaming vs. FaZe Clan – FaZe wins 16-11

OpTic Gaming vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas – OpTic wins 16-9

OpTic Gaming vs. HellRaisers – OpTic wins 16-10

After defeating HellRaisers, OpTic had guarenteed themselves a spot at the ELEAGUE Major. HellRaisers now has to play in one final match, as their record is 2-2, win and they qualify, lose and they are eliminated.  

Once again, Congratulations to OpTic Gaming as they qualify for the ELEAGUE Major, which will take place on January 27 – 29, 2017 at the The Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA.  

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Image Credit: OpTic Gaming

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