OPL Week 1 Recap

The League of Legends Oceanic Pro league (OPL) finished its first week for the 2016 split 1 season. Let’s take a look at each team and how they performed with their first series of the season.


The League of Legends Oceanic Pro league (OPL) finished its first week for the 2016 split 1 season. Let’s take a look at each team and how they performed with their first series of the season.

First series of the week: Infernum Vs, Dire Wolves.

The line-up of Infernum consists of Jakattack in the top lane, Seb in the jungle, MidBeast in the mid lane and in the bot lane Stealthix as marksman and Wiffle playing as support.

Dire Wolves line up consisted of their top laner Sharp, Sybol in the jungle, Perfection renaming to Phantiks in the mid lane and a new bot lane duo, Raes and Cuden.

Although it is the first week and nerves were high on both sides as first blood in game one didn’t occur till 13 minutes when the Seb stole the dragon from Dire wolves and ended the fight with a double kill. From then on the game continued to be slow until the pace finally picked up at 40 minutes when Dire Wolves took back the gold lead from Infernum leading to the sieging of Infernum’s base and overall Dire wolves taking game one in just under 53minutes.

Game 2 didn’t start off with the slow pace that game 1 did, first blood occurring in at around 4minutes with a Raes and Cuden being engaged on by Wiffle ended up in a 1 for 1 when Raes took down Stealthix for first blood followed up by Seb coming from behind finishing off Raes. From then on Dire Wolves continued slowly to increase their gold lead over Infernum, eventually ending the game at 26minutes allowing them to finish week one 2-0 in the standings.

Overall a slow start in game one by both teams and a clear victory was noted in game two by the Dire Wolves. Infernum was looking good in the first game but fell to pieces at the end as they couldn’t crack the Dire Wolves. Game 2 for them was a white wash so hopefully they will improve in the coming weeks.


Series 2: Legacy eSports vs, Sin Gaming.

In the off season, legacy took some time to make changes to their roster, Minkywhale their top laner switched up and became the new coach of the team while Tally moved from the role of ADC to the top lane and was replaced by former Dire Wolves ADC K1ng now known as yb. Their jungler Carbon, midlaner ChuChuz and their support Strawbella rounding out the Legacy lineup.

Sin Gaming roster consisted of Chippys in the top lane, Juves in the jungle, Rymeister in the mid lane, and the duo bot made up by Cardrid and Rogue.

First game panned out well for Legacy with Chuchuz taking out first blood with the assistance of Carbon at 7 minutes and from then on the game slowed down dramatically but took a turn when Legacy picked up some momentum to give it to the line-up of Sin gaming with them finishing the game at 30 minutes with a 13k gold lead and a score of 13-1.

Game two didn’t go that differently either, first blood picked up by Tally assisted by Carbon in the top lane saw the lead begin for Legacy, although Sin clawed back soon after and at 40 minutes saw Sin even with gold. Tally stole the Baron from Sin leading to the siege and eventual win by Legacy to take the series 2-0. The momentum wasn’t enough to stop Legacy with them taking the second game out at 43 minutes.

Overall a very strong showing by Legacy off the back of finishing second in the OPL second split of 2015 they are looking good for this coming season. Sin Gaming proving themselves as continued strong team in the OPL should bounce back from this loss.


Series three: Trident vs Chiefs ESC

Trident being the new kids on the block after qualifying for the OPL season split 1 under the team Legacy eSports Genesis was bought by Trident eSports was ready for their first series against Chiefs. The team consists of Pacman in the top lane, Impaired in the jungle, Bma in the mid lane, with the bot lane duo of Edition and Jayke.

Chiefs the overall winners of the OPL split 2 of 2015 were ready for this match up. Top laner Swip3rR, Spookz in the jungle, Cheese their new mid laner replacing Swiffer and in the bot lane,  Raydere and EGym.


Game one started off slow like all the others, at 13minutes a 5 man gank down bot lead to Chiefs securing first blood by Cheese. The game continued with Trident pulling the game back to have a small gold lead and a 4-2 kills over Chiefs, as time went on, the gold lead slowly decreased and saw that Trident although starting off very strong didn’t know how to finish the game or snow ball their small lead. Chiefs eventually took the lead with a good team fight around baron at 32minutes to flip the gold lead in their favour and go on to win the game in just under 38 minutes.

Game two began at a much faster pace than the first, both Pacman getting first blood followed by Swip3rR taking the score 1-1 straight after in a brawl under tridents top tower. Chiefs continued to gain a lead and snow balled the game to victory at 34 minutes.

Trident showing they mean business in the first game couldn’t quite snow ball into the lead they needed to win which saw Chiefs come back and win the first game and put on a spectacular in the second game.

The last series of the week was Hellions against Avant Garde.

Team Immunity being banned from the OPL saw some of the players rebrand the team into the newly formed Hellions, with 2 Korean imports this team looked extremely solid on paper.

Ryoo in the top lane, Cookie the Korean in the jungle, Bomb the other Korean in the mid lane, and the duo bot consisting of Frae as ADC and Denian as support.

On the other side Avant Garde a team that came 3/4th place in the last split of the OPL with team Dire Wolves. They consist of Malaz in the top lane, Chelby in the jungle, Wrekz in the mid lane and in the bot lane Destiny as ADC and Blindturkey as support.

Hellions started the first game off strong with both Bomb and Cookie executing first blood in the mid lane on Wrekz, Cookie came in for another gank to finish off Wrekz once again, it was clear that the two Koreans imports were on the same page. Hellions looked very strong and continued to take a small lead over Avant Garde until the late game where the AV roster was just too strong and flipped the game around to take out game one in 50 minutes.

Game two started with Avante Garde looking like a new team with first blood in the top lane at 4 and a half minutes. A sneaky move in the top lane saw Frae get caught by the duo lane of Avante Garde to get another kill on the board. From then on the lead for Avante Garde snow balled rapidly in their favour to finish out game 2 with a perfect score of 11-0 and the game ending at 27 minutes.

Overall Hellions didn’t come out fighting in game 2 like they did in game 1, possible due to miscommunication between the players. Game one was full of good plays but in the end they couldn’t team fight successfully leading to their demise.  Avant Garde showed up in both games to stall out game 1 and eventually win as well as in game 2 completely stomp the line-up of Hellions.


Every team in game one of their series looked nervous and seemed a little unprepared but as soon as a win came out for each respected team, they completely changed for game two which lead to four 2-0.


Next week the series being played are as follows with predictions;


Trident vs, Sin Gaming:

2-0 to Sin Gaming, even though both teams came out strong, Sin Gaming have more experience in the OPL and should have no problem taking this out.

Avant Garde vs, Legacy:

2-1 to Legacy. Both teams considered to be in the top 4 teams of the OPL and both being extremely strong, I could see this series going either ways but I do believe Legacy will take it out in the end 2-1.

Infernum vs, Hellions           

Both teams here losing 2-0 in the first week, I do believe Hellions will be a top contender for this OPL split with their strong line up. Hellions should take this series out 2-0, although Infernum came out strong in their first series, Hellions should be able to win this series convincingly.

Chiefs vs Dire Wolves.

This match up will be a good spectacle, both teams came out extremely strong this week with strong wins over each of their series played. Chiefs should take this out 2-1, Dire Wolves will put up a good fight but in the end I see Chiefs coming out on top.


Find more information about times and dates of all matches here;