Oceanic Regional Qualifiers for upcoming TFT World Championship announced

League of Legends may not have been sustainable in the region, but TFT could be flourishing.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates
Image via Riot Games

After seeing a steady increase in popularity in the region, Teamfight Tactics is expanding its competitive scene in Oceania.

Australian esports organization ORDER announced today that it’ll be hosting the Oceanic Teamfight Tactics Fates Regional Series. As a new competitive TFT format that will give players greater chances to compete, climb, and reach the TFT OCE Regional Finals, the event that will directly qualify its best competitors for the upcoming World Championship.

The Oceanic region has the third-highest population size in the world for TFT, according to lolchess.gg and its population sizes, excluding China, despite the region being a relatively small market according to Riot.

The surprising popularity of the title has helped Oceania gain its own seat at the table that is the TFT World Championship. Last year, top Oceanic competitors had to play on North American servers in hopes of qualifying out of that region.

But with this new format, top OCE talent should find it much easier to earn an opportunity to play on the world stage.

Image via Riot Games

Each Regional Qualifiers Series event will have multiple options for player qualification:

  • Players can qualify from the preceding qualifier event (except for qualifier one).
  • Players can qualify from weekly TFT ladder snapshots.
  • Players can qualify from open qualifier brackets.

These events will culminate in the TFT OCE Regional Finals, taking place from March 11 to 14. The TFT OCE Regional Finals will feature a prize pool of $6,500 (AUD) and the winner will qualify for the next TFT World Finals.

The first open qualifier in the series is now open for registration to all applicants. TFT OCE Qualifier No. 1 will take place on Jan. 15 to 17.