Oakley signs Scump as first sponsored pro gamer

The King is making history.

Photo via MLG

Call of Duty player Scump signed with Oakley today, becoming the first pro gamer to be sponsored by the sports lifestyle company.

Scump, who is the most popular player in the Call of Duty League and a 2017 world champion, told The Esports Observer he signed with Oakley because it is a "very prestigious brand in the glasses space," and that he recognizes the brand from traditional sports. The OpTic Chicago superstar will be using the Prizm Gaming Lens Technology, Oakley's eye-wear solution for gaming.

“I can’t see anything. Having glasses that help me see and are comfortable are the two most important things I need in a pair,” Scump said. “Playing at the highest level, I need to be able to see everything and react to everything perfectly with no discomfort. You don’t want to have to worry about things inside of the game because of things outside of the game. These Oakleys are pretty much an attachment of me now."

By signing with Oakley, Scump joins athletes such as NFL players Patrick Mahomes, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Lamar Jackson. Scump has been active in other business opportunities, including investing in meal replacement drink CTRL in late 2019.

Scump and OpTic Chicago are in the early stages of the second CDL season and will be heading into the first Major of the season starting March 3.