NRG Enters The Gears Scene

Growing esports organization NRG adds another team to their roster as they enter the Gears esports scene


Gears esports continues to attract the eye of major players inthe esports world, as NRG enters the mix. With the acquisition of toptalent, such as Christopher “XavierCelsius” Hill and Yadiel “Sleepytime” Hidalgo, the NRG Gears team hasimmediately set themselves up to be a top-four lineup.

With high profile investors such as the Hall of Fame NBA center,ShaquilleO’Neal, and the great Yankee star, Alex Rodriguez, NRGhas quickly become a recognizable esports organization with arepresentation that extends into top esports titles such as CS:GO,League of Legends, Overwatch, Smite and more. 

Expectations are high for the current NRG Gears squad, as eachplayer has secured top-four LAN placings in Gears of War: UltimateEdition. The current NRG roster is listed below:

Christopher “Xavier Celsius” Hill
Marvin “Sir Sicamore” Moya
Yadiel “Sleepytime” Hidalgo
Frank “KO” Tibbs, Jr.
Marlon “Twist3DShot‘ Haynes

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photo credits: esportsGears