Noxcrew launches ‘Big Builds at Build Mart’ search for new Minecraft Championship (MCC) builds

Calling all Minecraft builders—this one's for you.

Image via Noxcrew

The team behind the Minecraft Championships (MCC), Noxcrew, has launched a community contest that offers fans the opportunity to have their builds featured in a future MCC event. The competition is named “Big Builds at Build Mart” and the builds selected as winners of this competition will be featured in a future run of the MCC game Big Sales at Build Mart.

Big Sales at Build Mart is one of the 12 currently-running MCC games. It requires players to work together as a team to recreate various builds. To succeed they must communicate effectively, go out to gather blocks, return to recreate the builds with exact precision, and complete as many builds as quickly as they can.

Image via Noxcrew

The builds featured in Big Sales at Build Mart are usually prepared by Noxcrew. But now, the community has an opportunity to have their own builds be the ones that future MCC teams must recreate.

Because this competition will affect MCC gameplay, Noxcrew also listed out official guidelines for anyone who wants to enter. Certain requirements must be met so that the builds are fair for the MCC teams to build during a short timespan, fit in the Big Sales at Build Mart competition space, and can be recreated by Noxcrew.

Big Builds at Build Mart competition guidelines

  • The build must fit in a seven-by-seven square.
  • The build must be no higher than five blocks.
  • The base of your build for the submission can be anything you want it to be.
  • Only blocks that are available to MCC players during Build Mart can be used. These can be viewed here.
  • The build needs to be fairly simple since it is being recreated in a short, timed window.
  • Have no blocks that are hidden on the inside of the build. All blocks used must be visible to players.
  • Before you submit, take screengrabs of your build from all four sides as well as one of the top so that Noxcrew can easily recreate it. An example of this is available here.
  • Some slight alterations may be made to your build by the Noxcrew team.
Image via Noxcrew

Outside of these guidelines, players can let their creativity roam free and submit any build they desire. Noxcrew expects to have many submissions, so originality and creativity are key for anyone hoping theirs will be chosen.

Further submission details, rules, and the link to submit your creation to this contest are available here. Anyone hoping to participate in this competition and have their creation featured in a future MCC event should submit their design by 11am CT on April 18.