Nintendo reportedly sold 1.13 million Switch units in November despite supply issues

The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S suffered more due to a continued lack of supply.

Image via Nintendo

November is always a big month for video game hardware sales and it looks like Nintendo was the big winner this year since the company reportedly sold over 1 million Switch units during the month. 

Nintendo sold 1.13 million Switch units across the original Switch, Switch Lite, and new Switch OLED model throughout the entirety of November, with 550,000 systems sold during the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, according to data provided by the NPD Group

With those figures, the Switch has now been the best-selling console for 35 of the last 36 months, only losing out to the PlayStation 5 in September in terms of the dollar value on the month. And if these reported numbers are entirely accurate, November has pushed the Switch well past 94 million units sold lifetime. 

Despite the big number, continued issues with supply chains and hardware parts have limited the number of new consoles available across the board for the Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. This was even confirmed by Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa, who said the company wouldn’t be able to produce enough products to meet the demands of the 2021 holiday season due to continued supply issues.

Senior industry analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad detailed the effect the supply issue has had on console sales this year by comparing it to previous big holiday seasons, noting the following:

  • The Switch sold fewer units this November than it did in November 2020.
  • PS5 and Xbox Series X|S combined barely managed to equal the Switch’s numbers this November.
  • The combination of Switch, PS5, and Series X/S didn’t match the sales of the Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One from November 2014.
    • This is notable because the Wii U sold poorly and it was only the second year on the market for the PS4 and Xbox One. 

If anything, it’s impressive that the Switch managed to sell as well as it did. But the lack of availability for next-gen consoles likely played a part in its dominant holiday performance this year. 

Should the supply chain issues be solved or at least mitigated in 2022, it’s likely the PS5 and Series X|S will sell at a better rate, with the Series S acting as a good competitor for the Switch, offering families and players entry into the next generation of consoles for that same affordable $299 price point.